Dear Valued Customer,
an accurate and easy handling “Management of Claims” is an important and basic action within our Organization to improve our service level to customers.
At this purpose, we have a procedure which will allow us to implement preventive and corrective actions within our services and products and represents a further opportunity to increase our Customers’ satisfaction with proper, effective and on-time actions.

Our goal and engagement is to be closer to Customers’ needs and provide advice, response and support that will feed our cooperation.  

The main steps are:

  • first response to claim within 24 working hours;
  • specific claim number provided to be used in communications;
  • start the internal analysis;
  • inform the Customer about time schedule when we need more time to complete the analysis and explain the reasons;
  • on time feedback for each activity we have to carry on;
  • accurate, detailed and on-time “8D Reports” on the detected issues, when applicable;  
  • suggestions, preventive and proactive actions taken;
  • closing of the “Claim File” more rapidly.

We are glad to inform here below, about some of the details we will need in order to turn the “Management of Claims” into a beneficial activity for our common cooperation.

Upon detection of any alleged anomaly related both to our products  or services, please be so kind to address information such as:  

  • hose type, size and  quantity;
  • batch no. and date of production;
  • any reference related to our supply (invoice no. and date)
  • information on the problem encountered completed with all technical data you might be able to supply;
  • any other information you might restrain more opportune for the best understanding in finding a solution;

to the following e-mail address specifically created and devoted to respond quickly to your signaling:
We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that any alleged anomaly encountered will be recognized by us only after the proper evaluations made by our side. No credit/debit from our side will be recognized before finalization of all the actions necessary for us to fix the anomaly encountered and closing the claim.  

Whilst thanking you in advance for the attention you will be reserving to this matter, we are confident that this tool will enable both of us to reach together more ambitious targets and success.

Yours faithfully,  

Caterpillar Fluid Systems

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