Series 1 R17-04 - No Skive


01 Hose cutting

The hose end has to be cut squarely, check that the hose wire does not show any deformation and interference with the liner and hose cover. To avoid wire deformation the blade has to be periodically sharpened.

02 Hose cleaning

To remove internal impurities clean the entire hose length before inserting the couplings. The videoclip shows a foam projectile being pushed through the hose in order to remove contaminants that can damage hydraulic system components.

03 Insertion depth length

Mark on the hose the correct insertion depth length as specified on the crimping table.

Coupling identification and check

Be sure that the coupling to be used for the assembly corresponds to CFS’s indications.
Note of the traceability code marked on ferrule under the part number code. In case of a claim it will be requested by CFS Customer Service.

04 Coupling insertion

For easier insertion, it is possible to apply W10 hydraulic oil to the stem.

05 Crimping lenght

Check the correct crimp length as specified on relevant crimping table.

06 Crimping

Place the coupling / ferrule between the dies as shown on the videoclip and complete the crimping phase.
For R17-1/4”, the crimp style is: “BUBBLE”.

07 Crimp dimension check

Check the crimp diameter.

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English, Italiano, Français, Deutsch, Español, Português.


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